How to unblock a shower

There are many ways to deal with a blocked shower Earls Court, and one of them is to use the commercial products that have been designed to clear the shower drain blockage, including the pipe and sink unblocker. The products may remove the small blockage using a little effort, or you may choose to use natural products or items like a clothes hanger found in your home. When you choose any of the commercial products, you need to follow all the instructions that were given. You have to keep safety precautions in mind and you have to ensure that the room is ventilated well while using these items and wearing rubber gloves. If you have decided to remove the blockage physically, you will need to use a thin wire, coat hanger or a crochet hook. There is also the drain snake and specially designed tools that are meant to remove the hair, and you can buy them in the DIY store or in homeware. You can bend the hanger so that the small hook at the end of it is inserted in the drain. You may also wear rubber gloves if you want, and you should have the plastic bag ready where you can put the debris that you pull out. You can unscrew the shower drain cover if it is in place. You can then insert the hooked end of a wire hanger slowly into the drain. You can insert it down within the drain while using a slight twisting motion. You may start tugging upwards in a slow manner and you may start to pull the hair out. It should go into the plastic bag straight away. You have to repeat the same method as many times as you can so that you can pull out even more hair or debris to clear the blocked shower Earls Court.

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